Wizard Fest in Corpus Christi!

Wizard Fest in Corpus Christi!

Everyone remembers the disappointment on their eleventh birthday when they didn’t receive their Hogwarts acceptance letter, right? Well don’t worry because Harry Potter Parties and Brewster Street Ice House are coming together to invite you to Wizard Fest!

A Harry Potter themed dance party date night in Corpus Christi at Brewster Street Ice House, where they will transform one of your favorite venues into Hogwarts and throw a huge dance party! With a huge costume party taking place make sure to bring all your memorabilia and proudly wear your house’s symbols, yes, even you Hufflepuffs.

You’ll also need to stretch beforehand as Quidditch Pong is going to be quite competitive. Grab your cloaks, brooms and wands, as this is the Wizarding Event of the Year!

Have a good time and let loose with this themed event where there is sure to be plenty of friendly wizarding fun and plenty of butterbeer. (Disclaimer: All wizards and witches must be the age of 21 or older to drink alcohol.” Presale tickets and special ticket options are available through https://ticketf.ly/2KmrtXL.

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